Theater and Stereo

When it comes to home audio, we can rock the sheetrock loose! From simple 2 pair speaker systems to whole house audio, we have it ALL. By working with our local vendors who stay on top of all the new and cool technology, we can really rock the house! Because we have the ability to sell Sony & Panasonic at dealer prices to our customers, we have become extremely competitive with the big “box stores.”
There are a lot of common questions that arise from home owners and businesses alike when considering an audio system.  So if you are wondering if we can…..

  • Sell TV’s – YES!

  • Install TV’s – YES!

  • Provide & Install Speakers – YES!

  • Tie whole house paging into speaker system – YES!

  • Provide wireless home audio remotes – YES!

  • Outside audio & video – YES!

  • Program caller ID into TV System – YES!

If you have other questions or would like a free estimate, give the experts a call or send us an email!